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Keys to the Kingdom


The PAUL NEWMAN Stamp with Jack's keychain


This afternoon the Postmaster gasped when she looked down at my key ring and saw Jack’s picture next to the new PAUL NEWMAN stamps on the counter for purchase.  With a gleam in her eyes she exclaimed,

“You knew him???!!!

I was a bit startled because even though Jack’s outward appearance did resemble that of a prince, our primary connection was based upon his tender heart.  Some have suggested a similarity between these two handsome men. While they were both from Jewish decent and also generous in may ways, Jack received Yeshua in 1984 and was filled with the Holy Sprit.

When I shared the nature of our relationship and that he had also already entered heaven, she asked if it was cancer.

I explained that he never had a diagnosis of cancer much less a physician referral but that his Choice To LIVE  had been denied.

This is called “stealth euthanasia”  and is taking place in hospices, hospitals, nursing homes and homes which have “palliative care” all over the country. Over 300,000 people per year are dying this way against their wishes.

It is a billion dollar industry.

She quickly cited a sudden suspicious hospice death incident she was aware of and asked if I would provide her with more information.  It was then that I gave her links to   The Simplicity Project and the title of a book which includes Jack’s story and what occurred,

 BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE! 

BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE! by Lucy Karen Clay and Anne Severance

Purchase HERE

MORE LIVES WILL BE SAVED because of our Divine Appointment this afternoon.

Lives are being SAVED and PROTECTED.

The greatest dignity is to provide protection through OPTIONS and INFORMED choices.

“Key Steps to Protect Your Walk to Eternity”

On this birthday, I am grateful to God for allowing me the chance to enjoy another day and year to celebrate birth and life.
I appreciate each one who sent a kind message, greeting, prayer, wish of joy and happiness.
Clearly, at times (perhaps like some of you) I have not wanted to go on…
but God had another plan.
He intends for this injustice to be uncovered, truth proclaimed and has chosen me as a witness.
No one is immune to loss, sadness, pain and suffering on this earth.
However, He never leaves us or forsakes us.
It is His will, plan and timetable, not ours.
PS   Disclaimer: For the record, the man in the baseballcap ‘Jack’ (extremely private and humble) has given me his unwavering permission and encouragement to write, communicate and share about our lives as the Lord leads…to HIS Glory.
Jack at the counter for for TSP
Jack Kohlman Weil
This post was originally written November 2, 2015 but reposted on January 26th in tribute of Paul Newman’s Birthday
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By Lucy
From my diary: “Pearls of Grace ~ For the Path”
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