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BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE!

by Lucy Karen Clay & Anne Severance

Draft_54b_From Lauren in gold frameIt was an unlikely match—Jewish man and Gentile woman. But their meeting ignited an incendiary love that transcended all barriers of faith, social background, and societal norm. Their life together would be brief. They would be living and loving on borrowed time. . . . ISIS and its associated evils are not the only threats to life, love, and civilization as we know it. This culture of death has spread to the very institutions that have vowed to preserve and protect life. In a growing number of cases, end-of-life procedures—without regard to a patient’s stated wishes—hasten death before its time. It is called “stealth euthanasia,” something that “Jacob” and “Rachel” would come to understand all too well. May theirjourney alert readers to take the necessary legal—and spiritual—measures to ensure that every love story has a happy ending.                  

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Charlotte Lives! ~ Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

by Lucy Karen Clay As told by Rachel Rivers

Love Story / Spiritual Equipping for Death, Grief, Bereavement

Charlotte Lives! Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow


In this amazing and true love story, Lucy Karen Clay paints the picture of Loving, Loss, and Living as told by Rachel Rivers. Only the names have been changed. “Jacob” is the artist who painted the front cover ‘Flower Garden of Life and Love’ design for “Rachel.” It is a cautionary tale filled with prayers of covering, courtship, and the privilege of nurturing and caring for a loved one. Specific Scriptures are included which anchored “Jacob and Rachel” as they walked alongside one another on this part of their journey. Clearly, God ordained this couple to bring His ultimate Glory. It is a lesson of LIFE and brings a serious awareness of how life is tragically ending for some. Startling information is included about the distinct differences between hospice palliative care /respite care / care giving and comfort care. Once the morphine begins, everything changes and there is no turning back. Knowledge is Power through Advocacy and Awareness. “For it is appointed to a man once to die, and then the judgment.” Hebrews 9:27. Who determines when it is one’s time to die?

Simplicity ~ Stories of His Love

by Lucy Karen Clay, writing as “Simplicity Moore”

Simplicity ~ Stories of His Love


They fell in love. He was a Jewish follower of Messiah and hoping for two good months or years but the Lord  gave them five, the number of GRACE. Simple stories within these pages are filled with themes of Simplicity, Divine Appointments and His Love. Read thrilling stories of how God moves in a split second when we least expect it. He is gentle, personal and mighty all at the same time. Simplicity includes visual illustrations of His majestic revelation through the eyes of a child on into eternity from crayon to acrylic masterpiece! “Jacob” is the artist who painted the front cover design and gave the painting to Simplicity on their first Valentine’s Day together which is also the day their courtship began. The painting on the back cover is by Amy Bornstein and emulates Simplicity’s love for hats and walks in the garden. A portion of the proceeds from this project goes to Human Life Alliance.

If one life can be saved or at least death not hastened, then The Simplicity Project will have fulfilled its mission.