Give a HEART Save a LIFE! ~ Knowledge Is Power

In the midst of grief or tragic events…why not


Give a HEART. . . and Save a LIFE!

Many times it is at the end-of-life when reconciliation takes place or when one makes decisions about where they will spend eternity.
When the Choice To LIVE  is denied or their time is cut short, that opportunity may be missed.

Knowledge Is Power

If one life can be saved or at least death not hastened, the Simplicity Project will have fulfilled its mission.
Simplicity ~ When LIFE Gets Complicated.

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as a GIFT for a loved one. . . or yourself

Simplicity ~ Stories of His Love book cover

Simplicity ~ Stories of His Love

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For a calm appointment with the Mighty God … this is the perfect read day or night! Nothing takes the place of an encouraging book of His unfailing love and pure peace which encourages and provides true hope … in the midst of reality! A ‘happily colorful’ and fascinating, slim booklet for a wonderful gift … or a ‘take-along’ to easily slip into a bag! Filled with great, meaningful stories, great openings for God to speak to the reader personally … stilling the soul and mind to a gratefulness with warm joy. Produces healthy emotions and positive energy to lift the heart into pleasant cheerfulness. The reader will enjoy strong Jacob and gentle Miss Simplicity! Indeed, a ‘story of His love! – Becki Fortner, President – Prayer Avenue
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BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE

 Read about a Jewish man and Gentile woman living and loving on borrowed time . . . .

A Holocaust of a different kind

BETROTHED for Step into the RIver

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Lucy Clay has peeled away the covering of her heart to give us an intimate perspective on her relationship with a man of great faith who shared his life’s journey with her. Sadly, Lucy was forced to witness her beloved swallowed up by those who embrace the culture of death. The startling contrast between the inspired and Divinely blessed love they shared and the sudden and dark death care–that he endured and that tormented her–reflects the real-life human experience of those who walk unknowingly into the jaws of imposed death. Yet through it all, they and the faithful Christians around them, rally to give us all a witness to God’s saving grace and love. A heartbreaking but inspirational story!

~ Ron Panzer Founder – Hospice Patients Alliance Co-Founder – Pro-life Healthcare Alliance

I have read almost half this book to my family! God has really used Lucy Karen Clay in a miraculous way to touch the lives of those who are struggling with health problems as well as their families. I predict that this is exactly what will happen. This is an incredible book that I cannot wait to share with everyone I know! This book is a lifesaver—with resources that will help prevent unnecessary or premature loss of life from the invisible holocaust that is taking place right now in our society. Carly Suzanne Walden  Hospice Patients Alliance Board Member

Exposing Medical Predators 

     Listen to the LINKS below and LEARN so that your love ones might be protected.
     Hosts: Carly Walden and Marti Oakley
(Click on each name to hear entire broadcast!)
Guest Lucy Karen Clay
Guest Carly Walden with Lucy Karen Clay
Guest Marsha Joiner



To order your PMDD (Protective Medical Decisions Document) Purchase HERE
PMDD and INFORMED Framed for TSP Blog saved
All proceeds go to support end-of-life.

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