Holocaust of a different kind. . . Audio Excerpts of Introduction and Ch. 1

From BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE! 

“In 1984, my world was a safe place—calm, quiet, and filled with wonder. I was a college student, asking the L-rd about His direction for my next step after graduation. I made a covenant with 
G–d that year, which included specific criteria for that special someone who would join me on this journey. Jacob—whom I had never met—was traveling in Paris, on the other side of the world. Healthy and strong, he lacked one essential element as a potential mate—faith. He was searching for inner peace and the meaning of life.
Twenty years later, the world was on the brink of yet another global war. So were we. Not only would we be facing the threat of terror on our own soil, but a Holocaust of a different kind.”


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If you are Considering BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!   
Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the fact that 600,000 Jews were murdered. It also foreshadowed 600,000 copies of a book/ movie released last year entitled Me Before You which glorified suicide ….funded largely by George Soros along with Compassion and Choices promoting the culture of death. BETROTHED: Committed to Love Light and Life! supports The Choice To Live. It is about a Jewish man whose life is a legacy of love and the light of his beloved Yeshua, Jesus the Christ . . .the son of the Living G-d.

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Exposing Medical Predators

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