Step Into the River

An evening of live music & art surrounded by select acrylic paintings of the New Jerusalem!

TSP SIR 6 Lucy Greeting. EVENT

WIthin 3 1/2 weeks of the vision, all of the tables were filled with standing room only!

  • There was no charge to enter this Author/ Artist Reception . . . Step into the River!
  • Nothing was expected of the Bride of Christ other than she accept the Invitation to attend.
  • Much like a ‘betrothal’, our God ~  “Heavenly Groom”  is waiting for us to receive Him.
  • There was no request for a donation, pledge or plea for money.
  • No payment was required for food ~  everything was provided.
  • GIFTS – “Carry On Care Packages” filled with valuable information regarding Health and Wellness initiatives were presented to each guest…including security and the Police Officers.
  • The BRIDE in waiting…preparing for her groom. . . . . received!
  • Almighty God’s Presence was unmistakable to every person present on November 2, 2017.


Step into the River Feb. 14, 2014  saved on 10 10 17 for The Simplicity Project

Step into the River
by Jack Weil

What a great night!!! Thank you for putting together such an impressive event. 
The music was outstanding and there was a clear sense of Almighty God’s blessing on the entire event.
    The greatest blessing for me was to have a variety of unrelated ministries come together to support and encourage each other.
Great event. You did a fantastic job!!! Hope we can do it again.
Blessings. – RSC
    It was a refreshing evening and nice to reconnect with the Nashville community of Israel supporters. – MG
    Very uplifting evening.  The venue, décor, atmosphere and people were Kingdom quality.
a real blessing and a real presence of the Lord was apparent to me. – JM
      Step into the River was a huge success and wonderful celebration. SG
    I thought the night was absolutely wonderful.… The first of its kind! You did an excellent job.- MC
    For me personally, It presented an opportunity and challenge to “step out” and serve the Lord in a new way that I had not done before. It was most definitely a spiritual experience  as I felt the peace of the Lord on me and I felt so deeply the “love” of the brethren. It was wonderful moving about the room and meeting so many “like-minded” people. There was truly an atmosphere of “celebration” in that gathering. Would enjoy more opportunities like this.  It was such a “fun” time. It was like a “party” at church.
    A very “free” and “relaxed” atmosphere. No “spirit of religion” was present but only “Love”. I think that having food catered in also helped to create that atmosphere. That is after all what the early church was like.They gathered together breaking bread together. Fellowship was often times around a meal. I heard comments that the food was delicious. I think Tazikis was a great choice. – AP
Those paintings were just amazing! We really enjoyed viewing each of them .
We love TAZIKIS! Well fed, good food, good speakers. Extra bonus was getting to see you! – JG
    It blessed my heart in so many ways… from the powerful program to the like-minded people who attended! 
 It was such a lovely evening and a blessing to be there! The program was very uplifting and refreshing. I loved the variety of speakers/musical artists… especially moved by Terri Lynn Weaver (had no idea she was so talented/anointed!) and of course, Marty and Misha. Also liked Sam Clarke’s informative message.
Allison Pearson was an excellent emcee (loved meeting her!)!  I thought it was wonderful, Lucy… organized, meaningful, and beautiful in every way. Loved seeing Jack’s work all around the room and how you incorporated your message concerning LIFE. Outstanding job! It was definitely unique, and that’s what I loved about it. Thank you for involving so many people. It was truly a blessing, and if you do it again…. please let me know how I can help you more next time!!!  – CS
You dear girl worked a mountain top evening for the Lord and for everyone who came to WBC last night. What Beauty was to behold! We were greatly blessed and delighted to be included. Bask in Hils glorious gracious and sweet sweet love for all your heartfelt ministry to His heart. – AM
It was a beautiful evening like none other! -BF

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TSP Marty and Misha Goetz SIR Keys to the Kingdom EVENT

The Simplicity Project seeks to provide education and awareness on end-of-life issues which have been poisoned by secular bio ethics and utilitarianism. This corruption is no different from the German Nazi’s who believed some lives are not worth living.

November 2, 2017 was the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration! What is the Balfour Declaration? A letter issued by the British government favoring the establishment of a national home for the Jewish People began the process of fulfilling Bible prophecy concerning Israel in these last days.

Click this LINK for the complete invitation website:

Who were the Participating Authors and Artists?:Click HERE

Sponsored by Friends of The Simplicity Project, TAZIKIS in Green Hills,  Miss Daisy King, and The Picnic

Hostess: Lucy Karen Clay which supports

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“Steps to Protect Your Walk To Eternity” – upcoming event

Details to follow


Join us for a simplistic step by step approach intended to provide information so that loved ones might be protected while navigating through the ever changing healthcare system. 

Do you have a Living Will?

What about a Protective Medical Decisions Document?

Do you know the difference?

What are Advance Directives? Are you required to sign one? (the answer is NO!)

Learn more when we gather to Walk Through and TO Eternity!”

Heavenly Colors cropped NY 2 framed TSP






Celebrate the Life, Love and Spirit of “Jack”

A Celebration of Jack Weil’s  life on earth took place on April 5th, 2013 while he was at the feet of Jesus, “Yeshua” in heaven. An Art Show and concert hosted by Whole Foods in Green Hills was filled will several hundred people to show theirappreciation and love for a man that they missed and loved. Friends who had received paintings from Jack brought them for others to see and enjoy while the community came to celebrate the life of a man who Lived, Listened,and Loved Unconditionally. A portion of the proceeds went to Blood Water Mission and the sales of note cards and prints from his paintings along with donations totaled enough money to provide enough clean water for close to 1000 people in Africa for one year, (1200 to date).  One of Jack’s passions was clean water. In addition to that, also, before he died, the Lord impressed upon his heart to communicate clearly that there is NO life without the bloodshed of Jesus Christ. That message was dear to his own heart.





First National Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Minneapolis, MN – May 2-3, 2014

photo of First National Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Join the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and the Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance, a program of Human Life Alliance, for the First National Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. Receive valuable information on how to keep you and your loved ones safe from dangers in today’s healthcare system. Learn about “brain death,” medical futility and other threats. Gain an understanding on how to effectively fight state sponsored euthanasia. Check out our website or call 651-484-1040 to learn more!







Healthcare Trojan Horse: Preventing Stealth Euthanasia and Protecting Natural Death Conference

Wooster, Ohio – May 17, 2014

photo of Healthcare Trojan Horse: Preventing Stealth Euthanasia and Protecting Natural Death Conference

How Much Do You Know? Many people think they understand what euthanasia is, but really don’t know how it is being implemented in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes throughout the nation. We have been receiving more and more phone calls at HLA from people whose family members are being killed through terminal sedation and the withdrawal of food and fluids,-even when the patient is not near death nor refusing treatment! Healthcare rationing is a reality. Learn what is happening.


If one life can be saved or at least death not hastened, then The Simplicity Project will have fulfilled its mission.