Reminded of God’s Timing three years later…

This was previously written in 2014. All is still true today ~ more than ever!

Necessary reminders especially with the new release posted below:

         God’s Timing is Perfect and He Sends Nothing But The Very Best!

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Today I posted the first public announcement that “Charlotte Lives!” is now available for purchase.  While exciting and somewhat of a relief to have completed this monumental milestone (and assignment) upon my life, I have found myself somewhat isolated in a world which has now become polarized with viewpoints on issues which seem to have brought about separation rather than unity.  While Jesus Christ is the  “scandalon” stumbling stone, ( a rock of offense), He also calls us to love one another. That is the second and greatest commandment after loving the Lord thy God.

Throughout my lifetime, I have had the opportunity of attending a number of different schools and always had a wide variety of friends.  I believe it is healthy to respect and maintain balance  in terms of learning how others live and believe.  When it comes to issues of life and death, however, the pendulum seems to swing one way or the other.  Until one is actually faced with these issues , it may be easy to avoid for a period of time.  Yet, the time will come for every person  to decide one way or another.

November 4th, 2014, will be an opportunity to vote…Yes on 1 or No on 1… -This vital issue is about when life begins!

What about when it ends?   Who chooses? Do we? or Does HE?

“Charlotte Lives!”  and The Simplicity Project provide Awareness and Education for end of life issues so that individuals might make well-informed choices on the front end.

I asked the Lord specifically for encouragement and prayer covering today.

Someone once said, “When you go to the top, expect First Class!”

Well, look who He brought?

Carmen…She has not felt like talking for several days, but out of the blue, she called. What a blessing and God’s perfect timing.

Debra Maffett Wilson. She is another gift. We prayed/ or SHE prayed! Another gift and blessing of God’s comfort and provision.

Then, to top it off, I read from Lisa Buffalo’s post and saw this article.  Lisa posts such encouraging messages regularly and God uses her on a consistent basis in my life to speak truth.   Not only  was the story so touching that I cried most of the way through it, but Joni Eareckson Tada wrote the Foreword! Joni was one of the first people who wrote to me after Jack died.  She also sent one of her books entitled, “When is it Right to Die?”   WHEW! Oddly enough, the same book was in his home. He had already read it!

Well, Did our Father in heaven answer or WHAT?

These amazing , intelligent and beautiful women all reached out to me the same afternoon, out of the blue at a time when I needed it. HE knew.

Not only that , but  each spoke the same language…This story in this link below seemed to have almost even quoted from some of the chapters in  “Charlotte Lives!” , (not really, but the topics of euthanasia, hospice and hastening death are exactly some of what is included in the story line).

“No – hastening death was never what God intended.

But in our dying, He does meet us with His beautiful grace.

The Hippocratic oath matters, and those that are choosing to walk away from it need to be challenged.

The doctor that prescribed you that pill you carry with you that will hasten your last breath has walked away from the Hippocratic oath that says, “first, do no harm.” He or she has walked away from the oath that has protected life and the beautiful dying we are granted. The doctors agreeing to such medicine are walking away from the beautiful protection of the Hippocratic oath.”

It was indeed strong validation for me to read a publication on these crucial issues on life and death from someone whom I respected, today. She so lovingly states to Brittany…

“We prayed you would hear my words that are on paper coming from a place of tender love and knowing.”

‘Dear Brittany: Why We Don’t Have To Be So Afraid of Dying & Suffering that We Choose Suicide’

by Kara Tippetts

Click here to read Kara Tippetts  compelling and loving message to Brrttany Maynard


If one life can be saved or at least death not hastened, then The Simplicity Project will have fulfilled its mission. 
Charlotte Lives: Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow  was retired in June of 2017.
The NEW RELEASE of that book is now available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, local stores and The Simplicity Project’s web site.

BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!

By Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance

BETROTHED Hard Back Copies 1 framead                                    Purchase HERE

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By Lucy
From my diary: “Pearls of Grace ~ For the Path”

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