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The last leg of this race was finished today!

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When you are a free spirit, on the go, and love to laugh and play in the sun, it’s hard to imagine sitting still long enough to read…but teach others? Never in a million years would I have dreamed or planned to own an education company for 29 years which specializes in reading. But what about writing  and publishing 3 books? Obviously, they are not best sellers on the New York Times list, but small projects which were part of the healing process ~ simple books with messages of hope and love. . . reaching those whom God appointed to receive them. . . . . one by one.  This was my Heavenly Father’s plan, never my own. He is the one who made every provision and guided each step.  The messages in these books are intentional regarding advocacy and education surrounding those in need of a voice at the end-of-life.

In today’s educational system I would have likely been diagnosed as classic dyslexic or ADD. Yet, the Lord somehow helped me to excel in the classroom.  It is humbling in every way and I give HIM all the glory, honour and praise.

Meanwhile, like everyone else, there are specific assignments upon my life. Today, one of them just may have finally been fulfilled…at last!  This publishing process is tedious- including one obstacle right after another!

After five years and almost four months, BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!  is now in the correct format and accessible on Amazon’s Kindle version and at a reasonable price! (For self publishers, Amazon’s Create Space company sets the price and for a 224 page book filled with color and paintings, they set it for $45.88!)
This Kindle Verson is $9.99. 

(Logos Bookstore of Nashville is stocked with signed copies of for less than $30 and books may also be ordered through The Simplicity Project website for $27.00.)

The next phase is to launch The Simplicity Project’s Wellness Initiative! The Afterward section of BETROTHED  provides a glimpse into what this “Wellness Initiative” will be about – so stay tuned!

Today also marks the ALS Walk in Nashville, TN.  BETROTHED highlights the true story of a man who courageously fought the greatest battle of his life, with ALS.

Champion of the Game – Fight of His Life with ALS

 BETROTHED not only provides a wealth of information for those who are battling ALS, both in the natural and spiritual realm, but also unfolds a love story which grips the hearts of men, women, sons, daughters, husbands, wives and all those who are seeking the love of their Heavenly Father.

May you be blessed as you read BETROTHED,
and as a result, be committed to LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE!

…and continue to remember every family who is touched by this dreadful disease.  Pray for a cure. SOON.


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Many thanks to so many who have and continue to pray for me and this project.

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