The Mystery of the Bridegroom

 A rehearsal for His return…


Excerpts from

BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!


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 By Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance  ( Clay, Chapter 4,  p. 29 )

Betrothal 10-10-10

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 “I feel like we are already married in a way.”  ~ Jacob

We were.

On 10-10-10  we celebrated what would be most similar to a “betrothal” in Jewish customs.  What few people ever knew was that when Jacob entered Heaven, I did lose a husband. Jacob took extreme measures to ensure that I would be taken care of if disaster were to strike or if anything were to happen to him before we were able to move forward in our relationship.  Meanwhile, he immediately began to do everything in his power to insure that I was as healthy as I could possibly be and that I had everything I needed.  It was an absolute delight to begin to live as a married couple, but sometimes almost unbearable to leave one another in the evenings while following guidelines for the Jewish betrothal period. I have cherished his intent and dedication on the front end without any expectation from me in return.  His level of commitment to me before an actual public wedding ceremony could take place certainly set the bar in terms of experiencing “God’s design and order.”  It is almost unheard of in this day and time.  Not only were we misunderstood by many, but Jacob was also misunderstood for many years because of the private nature of his own battle with ALS which he courageously fought and won victoriously with the Lord’s leading for seven years before he shared it with me.  At last he was able to share that load with someone else.  None of this was anything that I felt was appropriate to discuss or share at the time, yet it is another lesson of obedience and the blessings that follow by doing things God’s way.  We learned to rely upon God alone.

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On August 16, 2015, I heard a sermon that was almost unbelievable to me.
“The Sabbath – A Perfect Day for Moms” 
Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin – August 16, 2015
In fact, afterwards, I listened to it online several times and took notes because it is a way of life that Jack and I lived but at the time I was not even aware of it!
“Jacob” – Jack Weil – had a way of walking with the Lord and with me in which there was an unusual ‘ease’ such that neither of us spent much time explaining what or why we did things. However, both of us are fairly deliberate… while spontaneous…there was typically a rhyme and reason for behavior which is why this sermon spoke to me so clearly. It was not as if Jack ever one time said, “Alright, now then, this is what we are going to do and here is why…” Quite the contrary!  I simply found myself in the center of his world, one I had never known. It was designed by this man’s Father in Heaven. Sundown on Friday begins Shabbat in the Jewish culture which is their Sabbath.
According to the link  provided for you, little did I know that many Orthodox Jews have
practiced these traditions for decades. Jensen Franklin has a Jewish friend who is now born again. His friend told him how a man honors his ‘wife’ on the Sabbath.
In the Hebrew faith…God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
the Sabbath is created for worship and to be set aside as HOLY.
It is consecrated for a specific purpose.
It has to do with family.
It first begins with the lighting of a candle on the table.
The wife lights the candle.
The purpose is that the light invade our homes.
Next, the husband come up behind his wife and puts his arms around her,  hugs her and holds her tightly.
Imagine that whatever was going on during the week that there is a day coming when all will stop when he holds his wife and honors her.
God is for  marriage.
The Sabbath is for REST.
Every week the husband buys his wife a gift for the Sabbath. It does not have to be expensive, but every week, he honors her.
Every week the man sings a song of appreciation and praise reminding her of the blessing she is.
Then comes the long meal.
The woman is not allowed to prepare it!
It is her Sabbath.
She is not allowed to do anything that day.
After dinner, the husband speaks blessings over his children and wife
Biblical intimacy between husband and the wife are an important part of the relationship….!!!
This is the focus of Friday evening after dinner – the importance of Oneness
This all begins on Friday night at sunset.
On Saturday morning they go to their Synagogue to hear the Word taught.
After that, they do something outside as a family.
If children are small, they carry them on their legs..on shoulders telling them Bible stories of when the children of Israel left Egypt and through the Red Sea that God parted.
The last thing when sun goes down on Saturday evening is to go out and look up and find three stars.
Visable only when it gets dark,
Once they count three  then the day of Sabbath is over.
Jesus  is the light and His Presence brings light into our homes and lives.
As the Bride of Christ, we simply receive Him but do not do anything!
Jesus does it all
He provided His own body which is the bread of life and blood of redemption.
HE is the LIGHT
He puts his arms around us.
He sings songs over us and speaks words of blessing over us.

 “The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17 
New King James Version (NKJV)

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After I heard this sermon, i was speechless while revisiting in my mind the many cyclical events of our times together when Jack took me around Whole Foods, The Produce Place or Trader Joe’s on Friday afternoons.  It seemed that regardless of the circumstances, one of his priorities  was for me to choose fresh flowers!  Of course I loved that and even one lady used to remark of the smile on his face after my bouquet selection. Never once did I put it together that flower day was  on Friday afternoons, before sundown.

Then, he typically stopped at a quaint little spot, “Alpha Bakery” for me to select a special desserts or a loaf of bread.  Sometimes I found this special Brioche loaf of bread waiting for us in his kitchen or bag of groceries in my cottage!  The next part of this sermon which was familiar to me was the lighting of the candle…Jack kept candles around his home and so did I but it was typically, on Friday evenings, when he stepped behind me  for a long  pause to hold me tightly…  just unbelievable when I now remember.  All along he was indeed  intentional about everything.

Now for the gifts! Well, since my own father was a traveling salesman and returned on Friday afternoons, interestingly enough, would you believe he brought us gifts every single Friday also? Pretty unbelievable, isn’t it?  Yes, I know. Dad is not Jewish but  loving, thoughtful and generous.  So, while Jack frequently  had a little something for me…often, the Friday ‘gifts’ were not all that unusual since that is what I was accustomed to.  Incidentally, now I know…I continue to relish in this “betrothal” with my own Heavenly Father whose glorious return is soon. There is a deeper and much more significant meaning for all of us as Children of the Most High God.

Jack had a gift of encouragement which I was fortunate to be on the receiving end frequently, yet, sometimes I could tell that he had maybe even already written down what he was going to say to me on the weekendsFriday evenings now that I think back… These prayers of blessing and words of love were “part of the package.”

The long meal….! Oh, how he loved to prepare meals for me.  He also pick up food from some of the best places in town but never once allowed me to do one thing.  No television, cell phones, just quiet, still time together. It was wonderful.

All of these things were typical of his behavior, yet, it was much more focused between Friday and Saturday evening.

Saturday afternoons it seemed important that we do something outside!!! We held hands, walked arm in arm, laughed or discussed what God had done in our lives during the past week or even that day.

Then, to top it off…I even asked my own father at one point what the deal was with the three stars!!! The reason was because Jack used to always bring it up!!!!!!!!!!!! On Saturday evenings we used to stand outside together as he asked me if I could count three stars! How romantic, I thought!  It was.

Well, now the mystery solved.  At least to some degree…

 God created the Sabbath for us. We can look forward to it.  It is Significant.  Still


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  The Bride of Christ is symbolic of the Church In Waiting – Betrothal – The Bridegroom is coming back!

The Calah Identity In the ancient Hebrew marriage, the bridegroom comes to the house of the bride and proposes marriage. If the woman accepts, she’s now the bride, the Calah. The two are separated for about a year. The Calah still lives at her house, but she’s no longer of it; she’s of the bridegroom now. Everything looks the same, but is now different because she belongs to the bridegroom. She’s not bound by the old house anymore. That’s where you are right now. Messiah came to this world, to your life to propose, and you said yes. You’re now the Calah. The wedding day is coming, but you’re still in the old house. The old circumstances may look the same, but you’re not of it. You belong to the new life; the bridegroom. You’re free from your circumstance, problem, past, your sin. Stop living by what is around you. Remember who you are and whose you are. Live for the Bridegroom. The more betrothed you live, the freer you will be from this world. For the Calah is not bound by the house.

Daily Sapphires : Rabbi Johnathan Cahn Today’s Mission: Live as the Calah today. You are no longer of this world, or your circumstance, or your past. Break free of these things.

BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!  By Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance

BETROTHED Draft 54b shadow in gold frame TSP


PS   I am a Gentile, born and raised Southern Baptist. I realize much of this is very new and terribly foreign to many people. However, I have lived it and can testify that God’s ways are best. There is nothing like observing the Sabbath REST – His Way.

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By Lucy Karen Clay

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