BETROTHED – What Readers are Saying: Part I

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Lucy Karen Clay continues to be a sensitive and caring teacher through chronicling her love and dedication in BETROTHED. Tender life lessons learned and shared in an intriguing fashion. Read it for inspiration and encouragement.
~ Congressman Marsha Blackburn


BETROTHED is filled with love, compassion and tragic events. Yet, the reader becomes
aware of a new area concerning the sanctity of human life.— Lucy captivates the heart
through her journey. Read and be touched, informed and inspired.
~ Lyndon Barrington Allen (Lucy’s former pastor)
Central Regional Coordinator at Christians United for Israel (CUFI)


The Holy Spirit spoke to Lucy Clay and because of her strong faith in God she listened and heard what God called her to do–tell her story. With God’s guiding hand came BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE.
In a world where everyone wants to be comfortable and feel no conviction, Lucy thanks God for humbling her and is comfortable with being uncomfortable. She has remained true to everything she stands for and believes in and welcomes that conviction. Lucy has stayed true to herself and continues to rely on God to lead her in this journey.
As an advocate for life myself, I admire her courage to speak the Truth even though darkness, the enemy, has attempted to block this project multiple times. Her tenacious spirit and the boldness of her faith pulled her through. Where there is light, there can be no darkness and Lucy Clay’s light is so bright.
Lucy has been a friend of mine for over 45 years and when I think of her character, I see a strong, yet sweet and gentle soul—emboldened by her faith, yet so humble; ethical, yet not judgmental and with a passion for life and a love for all mankind. Her strong desire to help others can be seen in her work as an educator with her own company, assisting both children and adults and in the community.
BETROTHED is a must read, and I applaud Lucy for her hard work and desire to inform others about their legal rights and how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Above all, stay in control of your own will to live! God bless you, my friend.
~ Cindy Hopper House
Lifelong Friend


Sometimes it is the gentlest voice—one that trembles with deep anguish and loss—that sounds the greatest alarm. Lucy Karen Clay shares a powerful story of love that becomes the casualty of a frightening culture shift.
~ Peter Rosenberger
Author, Hope for the Caregiver


“Know thyself” is overrated and so is knowing others. Better to know what one does. Lucy has mothered thousands of children of other mothers at ETL. These students bear witness on parchment paper that speak of her.

~ “Aunt Helen”  Williams

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