The 1st Imperative of Jewish life is LIVE!

Is the Senate about to Mandate Assisted Suicide???


Your voice is needed NOW to OPPOSE Federal S.693 !
Contact each committee member whose vote could take place any day…

Dodge this deceptive, dangerous and deadly direction for the United States of America’s Healthcare…

 —-The Bill appears innocent, compassionate and to provide ‘comfort’…it is the very opposite! The enemy sometimes comes in disguise as an angel of light.



Protect LIFE! 

Learn who is behind this proposed legislation. . .

(It will affect you immediately.)
Connect. The. Dots.
The Bill is called: “PCHETA” – Palliative Care Hospice Education Training Act
Supported by: AAHMP: American Academy Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Supported by: Compassion & Choices – former Hemlock Society
All of these organizations are rooted, supported and funded by George Soros

Compassion &  Choices is the Planned Parenthood of Euthanasia!


Please contact these specific individuals TODAY. Ask them to Vote NO and OPPOSE Senate Bill 693. Click on RED FONT below for contact information to write or call each Senator:

23 Senators on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee 


Hospice Patients Alliance Newsletter

From Ron Panzer: Founder Hospice Patients Alliance

Hi, This is urgent!  The Senate Bill 693/House Bill 1676 —  because of its flaws — will promote a form of palliative care that will include “Medical Aid in Dying” aka “Physician-assisted suicide” aka euthanasia (when the patient cannot take the lethal medications himself or herself! They will not say openly what they are doing, but this will be the result. How is this possible? The euthanasia proponents — Compassion & Choices among them (funded largely by George Soros) — have worked for years to re-define what is accepted medical practice. They have worked to say that “aid in dying” or “assisted-suicide” actually is a valid medical intervention! This is contrary to all prior traditional standards of care, medical ethics, but is consistent with utilitarian secular bioethics that condones the killing off of the unwanted who are considered (as the Nazis said) “life unworthy of life.” When terms are re-defined, the ordinary understanding of the Bill’s language is completely opposite to what will actually occur. We have warned for years that the “golden prize” the euthanasia zealots seek is nationwide legalization of euthanasia.  Patients will openly, legally be put to death in hospices all over the country. The Bill must include definitions of what palliative care and hospice actually are and what they are not! Without an express prohibition in the language of the Bill forbidding the practice of “Medical Aid in Dying,” “Physician Assisted Suicide,” “Sedation into death,” or imposed death of any kind, these practices will be legalized!  That is their plan. The Bill does not define what abuses within palliative care or hospice actually are!  Without express penalties for abuses within palliative care or hospice settings, the government authorities will have no way to enforce the standards of care and prevent medical murder! Without the establishment of a specific national center that would take complaints about palliative care or hospice abuses, this Bill will not protect your livesWe need you to call your Senators now and explain these specific points to them. You can get your Senators’ contact information here. Some Senate staff may say they are not aware of the abuses within hospice or palliative care settings.  Let them know about your experiences and also about the Hospice Patients Alliance accounts of abuses within hospice listed at the end of the Stealth Euthanasia book and also at the “Main Topics” section on tragic stories of abuse within hospice.

Tell them:

  • The Bill must define what palliative care or hospice is and what these are not!
  • The Bill must define what abuse of palliative care or hospice is and what penalties will be applied when they occur.
  • The Bill must prohibit “medical aid in dying,” “physician-assisted suicide,” “sedation into death,” or any medical killing.
  • The Bill must set penalties for violations of the law.


We really need you to act now!  Time is running out.
It is only through the establishment of the culture of life that patients’s rights can truly be honored and it is only through reverence for life and for the Creator who gives life that that society will actually flourish.
See The Voice of the Radical, reflecting on our relationship with that Creator who has blessed us with life, at:
The Hospice Patients Alliance Main Topics section is located at:
and other articles are at:
Please take some time to forward this email to others and let others know about the work of both Hospice Patients Alliance and the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance.  Please support our mission for life!  We need your help to nurture the culture of life!
All healthcare must be pro-life, otherwise it is not healthcare!
This message was sent by
Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc. | 4680 Shank Street, NE | Rockford, MI 49341
“God is using the Life and premature death of a Jewish Follower of Messiah
 to draw attention to the attack on the Sanctity of LIFE
 by Stealth Euthanasia.
 I have that story. I lived that story.”
Blessings and LIFE,
Lucy Karen Clay
LIFE Advocate
(615) 977-8665
Founder, The Simplicity Project Wellness Initiative
BETROTHED Shofar in purple
In 2012 a Jewish Follower of Messiah’s Choice of LIFE was denied by stealth euthanasia.
On the cover of a newly released book — 
by Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance,
in “Jacob’s” right hand is a shofar.  Jacob spoke the Aaronic Blessing over “Rachel” daily during their time together.
Interesting timing –beginning with the Feast of TRUMPETS,  along with the anniversary of 9/11,
a bill which provides leeway to promote and legalize DEATH throughout the US is up for a vote in

 Federal Senate Help Committee of 23.

A warning for the Bride of Yeshua.
Knowledge Is Power! Might we STOP the onslaught of massive death and the Hospice train in the US?
The enemy is not uninformed of God’s calendar. 

“I call the heavens and the earth to witness about you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore choose life so that you and your descendants may live.”

Deuteronomy 30:19
TLV Tree of Life Version


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