Give. Pray. Hope. VOTE! Meet Community Sponsors & Volunteers!

For the next few days, TSP will highlight artists, authors, caterers & volunteers who generously served our community on the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration  -three years ago during a significant & special event in Nashville, TN. Each has a heart for Israel and the US! In the midst of world wide quarantine – “Shabbat” many are unable to work & travel because of the ongoing regulations.
If you feel led to pray for and or support any of them now, please see links provided for more information. Thank you!
Give. Pray. Hope. VOTE! 🙏🇺🇸🙏

Amazing night honoring the King of KINGS!


Sponsored by

Friends of The Simplicity Project

* Remember these links when placing orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday festivities! 

Miss Daisy King

The Picnic

Panera Bread 

Something Special 


  • TAZIKIS in Green Hills & The Gulch owner, Jose Cantu provided dinner! Please support his business by taking your family & friends there for lunch & dinner. Enjoy holiday meals with TAZIKIS in GREEN HILLS & The Gulch catering services! Please let Jose know your appreciation of their support during Step into the River ! (615) 873-1027.





Table Decorations 

Joyce Thomas & Anne Severance

Doris Driskill

Sandy Governor

Allison Pearson

Jerri Lynn Clay Charron


Many Thanks to all Volunteers  

  • Bill Bennett
  • Laine Bennett
  • Diane Del Chiaro
  • Sioux Smith & Family
  • Kim Freeman
  • Catherine Treadway Morris
  • Melissa Stamper
  • LeAnne Péters
  • Angie Gaw Emerson Wilson


Authors & Artists Stepped into the River & Cherished LIFE!

Event: Authors and Artists who have a heart for Israel gathered together on the Centennial Year of the Balfour Declaration to Celebrate Love, Light & LIFE!  Founder of The Simplicity Project, Lucy Karen Clay, opened the evening in prayer. Within 3 1/2 weeks of the vision, every table was filled with standing room only. Volunteers … Continue readingAuthors & Artists Stepped into the River & Cherished LIFE!

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