What Readers are Saying – Part III

I just finished BETROTHED. This story is SO beautiful!! It is not only a love story that is to be treasured but also a light to expose the lies that people encounter in their everyday lives.  Lucy has shed light on darkness and exposed lies that the enemy is trying to disguise as truth.  ~Virginia Clements, R.N.



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Reading the tragic events within these pages so artfully and beautifully written by Lucy Karen Clay about the much too early demise of a very unique and special human being, Jack Kohlman Weil, is indeed an incredibly heartbreaking one. The strength of Jack’s character and the pure angelic nature of his soul are so well captured in the words of BETROTHED. The darkest side of this tale, however, is the shocking abuse and gross negligence exhibited here by hospice, and in several other reported cases, in causing premature deaths in individuals who had no actual medical diagnosis of a terminal illness. Perhaps the publishing of this book by Lucy Karen Clay can serve the very laudable purpose of educating others to help avoid other premature deaths in these tenuous hospice situations. With my own ears, I heard Jack express “his will to live” and get a full medical diagnosis of his condition, but that choice was stolen from him. The beautiful candle in the wind named Jack K. Weil was snuffed out long before its time.
Bruce L. Feingerts
Former Chief Counsel and Legislative Staff Director to U.S. Senator Russell Long, Chairman, Senate Finance Committee, Washington, D.C.
Former Special Assistant Attorney General, State of Louisiana
Former State Bond Counsel, State of Louisiana
Former U.S. Federal Court Bankruptcy Trustee
Mr. Feingerts is currently practicing law in New Orleans, LA


I have read almost half this book to my family! God has really used Lucy Clay in a miraculous way to touch the lives of those who are struggling with health problems as well as their families. I predict that this is exactly what will happen. This is an incredible book that I cannot wait to share with everyone I know! This book is a lifesaver—with resources that will help prevent unnecessary or premature loss of life from the invisible holocaust that is taking place right now in our society.

~ Carly Suzanne Walden 

Hospice Patients Alliance Board Member



I just finished BETROTHED. This story is SO beautiful!! It is not only a love story that is to be treasured but also a light to expose the lies that people encounter in their everyday lives. God is going to bring so much good out of these tragic events. Lucy has shed light on darkness and exposed lies that the enemy is trying to disguise as truth. The sad thing is this was not the intent of hospice when it began, but evil has slipped in and is taking over and distorting the original vision – turning life into death and allowing people the power and authority only God should have. I KNOW God is going to use this book in such a powerful way! Never before, as believers, has it been so urgent for us to stand up for the convictions God has placed in our hearts!
God had a calling on Lucy and Jack long before they met–a plan to be carried out in and through both that includes Jack’s legacy today being carried on through Lucy. It’s their joint legacy of love, struggles and questions, but ultimately it all claims victory in the Lord and pointing people Heavenward.
God blessed Lucy and Jack with the most perfect relationship. It’s one many people envision and pray for, but one that they got to live out and experience!!
Evil is ever upon us as we are living in the last days with the Lord’s return approaching as is unveiled in Revelation. Lucy has listened and obeyed God’s calling on her life.
May we follow her example and not become lukewarm, apathetic, passive, but may we all stand and find our voice not only in this battle, but with whatever battles we, as believers may face. May God turn what satan has meant for destruction, into a most Mighty Victory that exalts our Savior, Jesus!! And may all believers recognize the importance of finding our voice. We can no longer remain passive and quiet assuming others will fight the battle! I’m really proud of Lucy and what she has accomplished with this project!!   

~ Virginia Clements, R.N.



Lucy and Jack’s love story is much more than the loss of a betrothed. Rather, it describes a growing evil culture across our nation – a culture of premature death in the hands of caregivers. “Death with dignity” is honorable and good, ministering to and serving those who are approaching end of life. But death is intended to be in the hands of the Lord, not in the hands of man. A statement Jesus makes about Himself is “I hold the keys of death.” (Revelation 1:18)
~ Don Finto
Author, Speaker, Pastor
Founder—The Caleb Company


My husband Charles and I first met Lucy Karen Clay over 25 ago in Texas when we opened Expressways To Learning centers. Through ETL we learned to be advocates for those who need a voice. This book speaks eloquently in behalf of those who have no voice. I read BETROTHED straight through and have been up until 4 am several nights since because of the impact this book had upon me. Lucy explains the perfect love of God and how the enemy crept in, in disguise. Jack understood his purpose—to demonstrate God’s love to all he met. This was the mission he shared with Lucy. Their focus was on the One Who welcomed Jack with open arms when his life on earth was cut short. I wept as I read of the brevity of the love between Jack and Lucy. Yet the Holy Spirit’s Presence in Jack’s life will no doubt be carried on in a more profound way as a result of Lucy’s obedience to share their story.

~ Chris Laird
Expressways To Learning Inc., Board of Directors


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