“You can trust me forever if you can trust me tonight.”

“. . . it was raining, making a bad night to drive, when I took her home…she said you ought to spend the night….

The devil was trying to make strangers out of friends.”


Call on Jesus


Encouraging to see young men and women -many who are the children of some of my friends, former students and also my nieces and their friends following a clear, clarion call to ‘purity’. It’s true…in the darkest of times, light does shine the brightest.

Steve and Annie Chapman were instrumental in my own life as a young woman during a Christian retreat. At the time (although he barely knew my name -fortunately) I was distracted by someone who was -not a Christian. I remember vividly… exactly, where Annie Chapman and I were standing when she shared candidly with me what Scripture says about being unequally yoked. Somehow, whatever attraction once was …soon began to wane by His mercy and grace!

This song became more and more dear to me as the years went by, “Ain’t Gonna Listen to the Devil Tonight.” by Steve and Annie Chapman.

Years later I was encouraged to publish BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE!  for several reasons -in addition to awareness of the Sanctity of LIFE.

  • One, was because of our Lord’s call to purity in relationships between men and women.
  • Another was for the Church ~ Bride of Christ to prepare for His soon return.

Do you remember what it was like to listen to your parents, Sunday School teacher or school teacher or librarian read a book to you with beautiful  illustrations?
Recently, while listening to an interview with Governor Mike Huckabee about his new book, Rare, Medium, or Done Well: Make the Most of Your Life he shared how his own daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders remembered her father’s bedtime stories….She mimicked him turning the pages…but FIRST, how he would lick his finger before touching the corner of each page…!  So many children are visual and most of what they remember is the TIME SPENT with their parents watching what they do as opposed to what they say…

May you be blessed by this ‘very rough draft’ video expression.  It’s an attempt to share some of BETROTHED   in a different format.

~ much like “story time” in days of old…


Sit back and listen to the words of the song as you view select paintings in

BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE!...

by Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance


“You can trust me forever if you can trust me tonight.”

by Steve and Annie Chapman


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