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Wait upon the Lord

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For many years “The Eagle’s” mission was one of solitude.  Once he
invited me on his path, he was clear and honest about the fact that he might only have two good months or two good years…

I did not interpret his words to mean two good months or two good years to live, but my literal interpretation was exactly what he said:

Jacob’s words indicated to me that after two GOOD months or two GOOD years then there was a strong possibility that we would be living day to day not knowing how bad it could potentially become. I appreciated his courage to be truthful with me about this from the very beginning. For some reason, that information did not faze me.  I had already received confirmation from the Lord that I was to walk this out with Jacob regardless of what it may or may not look like in the world’s eyes.  I determined not to ever, ever miss an opportunity to see him, be with him, or take his calls.  I did not play the usual games that women tend to play in relationships, including me!  Do not misunderstand, though, it was not  always easy.  I would not have missed it for the world!  We lived in the moment, and both of us were “present.”

He used to say,

“I enjoy every single millisecond with you.”

It was mutual.  Jacob taught me how to savor the moments God gives.

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  Excerpts above are from Charlotte Lives! Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow 

  Simplicity Moore

Charlotte Lives! Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

By Lucy Karen Clay ~ As Told By Rachel Rivers

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