Shavuot – Pentecost

Shavuot – Pentecost

As the Lord allowed, my departure from Jacob’s home to my earthly cottage would be on Shavuot.  This was indeed time for the harvest in which we had both prayed.

While this felt like a tragedy, interestingly enough, I have since learned from a Rabbi friend that there is not one word in the Hebrew language which means…”tragedy.”  Why? I asked …

Our God, Jehovah Jirah, is one of Redemption.

He ordained from the beginning of time that our lives would meet on earth in order for His purposes to be fulfilled. Through surrender, acceptance and obedience, the bride price was paid by Jacob. Thus, this was the living picture I experience during betrothal.

…from     BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE!

by Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance

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BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light & LIFE!

By Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance

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