National Day of Prayer: It does change everything! HE Covered our COVER!

Prayer Changes Everything!

Design Back-Story of BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!

by Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance


Draft_60_front. SAVED

 One of the first times Jack cooked dinner for me at his home, he shared a few old pictures.

You guessed it!

The cover of BETROTHED now includes both “Jacob and Rachel” aka Jack and Simplicity!

Prayer Changes Everything Back Cover Story BETROTHED saved TSP


Simplicity ~ Stories of His Love was released on 2-14-2014.  Since that time I have tried to locate Amy Bornstein with no success. Last summer, June of 2016, my family traveled about an hour away to a boat dock to enjoy a catfish dinner. As we walked inside, my sister and I noticed one familiar painting right after another…To our surprise, the entire restaurant was filled  with works by AMY BORNSTEIN! Clearly, the L-rd was sending a message. My sister, Jerri Lynn’s facial expression is priceless when these moments occur . . . and it’s quite a ride sometimes. I JUST LOVE IT!

Eventually Amy and I did connect and as it turns out, her late husband too was Jewish and also a believer in Yeshua!  I was able to legitimately acquire permission to use her painting…”Simplicity” ~ the woman wearing a hat. Until that time, most people assumed it was a painting of me but the original was a gift before Jack entered my world.

When we were first learning about one another, one evening after dinner, he pulled out a few old black and white photos… Next, an MBA letter sweater and football jacket from when they won the state playoffs! It felt somewhat like a dream. All of the sudden, I saw this Christopher Reeve’ish looking guy in black and white snap shots between two models walking through Audubon Park. This era was while he was a student attending Tulane University during a photo shoot for  Mademoiselle Magazine the  early 1970’s. 


I have come to learn that there is a distinct difference between a graphic designer, artist, a graphic design artist and one who is adept in photo shop as well as all other mediums combined. Does this type of individual actually exist, I wondered??? In addition, we needed only the person G-d had planned for this book cover. It is His Book, His Story, His Cover.

So, after working with at least five individuals, I spoke directly with the L-rd before church one morning. I asked Him to send the designer to me if it was time for the cover to be completed.  So, during the greeting of visitors just before the offering, I spoke to two young ladies who were visiting that morning and sitting just a few rows in front of me. “Lauren” shared that she is a student at Trevecca and studying Graphic Design.

Lauren Covington accepted this project immediately. Thank you, Lauren, for a job well done!

 * Thank you, L-rd Jesus, for sending Lauren!!! * 

Meet Lauren Covington! 

Graphic Design Artist of BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!

Lauren Covington headshot SAVED
Hi, my name is Lauren Covington. I am about to finish my sophomore year at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN. I’m a full-time student majoring in graphic design & information technology and minoring in art. I began my career in graphic design working in the wedding industry for a company called Inspired Help.  I learned about my love for typography and hand lettering through doing chalkboards for our weddings and lettering for the website.  That love grew by creating the sermon notes for our Sunday services at my church, Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship.  Since realizing that I wanted to study graphic design, I have taken classes in typography, 3D animation, sound design, web design and more.  Working on the Betrothed book cover with Lucy has been such a blessing and I have gained so much knowledge and real-world experience from it!

Meet Amy Bornstein!

Amy’s original painting is used on The Simplicity Project Wellness Initiative website, Simplicity: Stories of His Love book cover along with Charlotte Lives! Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow and now BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!  Amy is a romantic artist from Colorado and attended David Lipscomb University. When describing herself, Amy responds:

I am a sassy, feisty little blonde that has a passion for my family, God and career.

Amy Bornstein pictur saved


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Thank you!

Blessings, Love and LIFE,


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By Lucy
From my diary: “Pearls of Grace ~ For the Path”


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