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The Simplicity Project would like to express appreciation for the outpouring support and generous contributions towards these efforts. We would also like to ask for your help to continue to spread this message of  Education, Awareness and Advocacy in the area of end of life issues. 
Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Blessings, love and LIFE,
     ~ Lucy Karen Clay
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True love story
Book of philanthropy
Awareness of critical life saving issues on a national scale

Every day in the US countless lives are hastened by stealth euthanasia.  While it is not legal in most states, it is being practiced under the radar.   The FIRST “Stealth Euthanasia” US conference took place in May of 2014 and our country is still in a bit of a shock over what took place when Brittany Maynard chose to take her life in Oregon on Nov. 1st of  2014.  This is a very slippery slope…Until now, few have spoken about it.  Charlotte Lives!  is a true story but the names have been changed. Since this happened in Nashville, TN in 2012, the Washington Post has committed to a year long expose uncovering Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare.

Four of those articles are listed in LINKS below:
 Charlotte Lives!  takes the reader through a beautiful love story—but one with a heartbreaking turn of events. Serving as both a warning and a call to action for believers to be vigilant regarding the encroaching culture of death so pervasive in our society  Charlotte Lives!  is a wake-up call to provide leadership to the escalating problem regarding end of life issues.
In  Charlotte Lives! , the reader discovers that while the author does indeed live; she does not emerge unscathed from a brutal journey. Forced to watch helplessly as a love of a lifetime was taken from her by a system disguised as an angel of light,  Charlotte Lives!  presents the reader a realistic and often horrifying picture of what is happening in the lives of suffering families across the country.”
“What a beautiful and touching story this is–of love, loss, and redemption.  Charlotte Lives!  is very thought provoking as it touches on many facets of life.” – Nina Bodayle
 *  Advocacy and Awareness formally began in Nashville, TN on November 2nd, 2014. 

One life has already been saved!!!

(Updated February 7, 2015 – please continue to pray)

A woman who was known for her healthy lifestyle choices returned to Tennessee from Israel in the fall of 2014.  With no prior symptoms, she had a stroke and was rushed to ER. After Thanksgiving when a CT scan showed she had several inoperable brain tumors, the hospital released her, assigned her to hospice, and sent her home to die with no hope, no doctor referral for a second opinion, nor any option for treatment. She was eating normally the first few days at home, and had only mild pain, but once hospice put her on pain meds included in their “comfort kit ,”  she lost her appetite, began losing weight, and became so weak she was unable to function at all. Her husband was traumatized over the whole situation and thought hospice was his only choice until a close friend told him about the “culture of death,” then urged him to get her on an IV (she was dehydrated) and lessen her pain meds, so she could function enough to eat and eventually see a specialist. She was making minor progress eating and drinking, but still very weak and barely able to speak, when an amazing miracle occurred.  Another friend – a man of great faith – called from out of town and prayed with her on the phone.  That very moment she began to speak again!  Within days her strength and appetite began to return!

This woman was scheduled to die within days on hospice’s plan  but she has become stronger every day and lived not only through Christmas and past New Year’s Day but recent reports are that she also joined her husband at the fitness center for a short while the other day and was also strong enough the following week to visit a friend’s house with the use of a walker…nothing short of a miracle…!

She is still very much alive and hopes to give her testimony soon at her church in Franklin, TN.

It is absolutely unbelievable what is talking place every single day simply because we seem to now live in a culture which believes we have all of the answers all of the time and that we are in control of when life should begin and end.
 Who decides when life begins and ends? Does He or do We? 
I am asking for your help to spread this message. 
Knowledge IS Power.
Charlotte Lives! By Lucy Karen Clay
“A window into the beautiful life of a Jewish man who chose to follow Jesus, his Messiah (Yeshua Hamashia).This is a true story filled with essential truths to shield, protect and equip to one to live and survive in these days.” MHW
“Lucy, I read your book and thought it was so interesting and could not put it down. You did a fabulous job of bringing us awareness and wanting more of JESUS!! Thank you for the Christmas Gift.” – LJC
 Charlotte Lives!  includes material from my journals which pieced this story together 10 months after “Jacob” went to heaven. During the last year, the final pages were added after what took place became recognized on a national level. Enjoy a total of eight paintings by me and artists Jack Weil and Deby King Dearman and be blessed by this beautiful and loving story of hope and strength for today ~ and tomorrow. 
A timeless treasured gift that will brighten any home and illumine every heart.
Proceeds go to
If one life can be saved or at least death not hastened, then The Simplicity Project will have fulfilled its mission. 

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