Introduction of BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!

BETROTHED: Committed to Love, Light and LIFE!

           by Lucy Karen Clay with Anne Severance


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It was an unlikely match—Jewish man and Gentile woman. But their meeting ignited an incendiary love that transcended all barriers of faith, social background, and societal norms. Their life together, however, would be brief. They would be living and loving on borrowed time. . . .

This book is much more than the extraordinary true story of the love of a man for a woman. It is the moving account of a father’s unconditional love for his beloved son and the passionate heart-cry of God for His broken Bride.
Yet, stalking the bliss and beauty of these relationships is an intruder bent on destruction. ISIS and its associated evils are not the only threats to life, love, and civilization as we know it. The culture of death has metastasized to the very institutions that have vowed to preserve and protect life. The Enemy of our souls often comes in disguise. Sometimes as an angel of light . . . or even as an angel of mercy!

This is also an urgent warning to those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” what evil may lurk in the most unexpected places—even within agencies and institutions pledged to bring healing and hope. By no means is this book intended to discredit the noble work of most hospitals and caregiving agencies. In a growing number of cases, however, end-of-life procedures—without regard for a patient’s stated wishes—hasten death before its time. It is called “stealth euthanasia”—a reality that “Jacob” and “Rachel” would come to understand all too well.

In her landmark book, Lucy Karen Clay highlights the grim scenario for too many of our most vulnerable—among them, those weakened by even well-intentioned caregivers. As a champion for these who have no voice, she provides rich resources for defending one’s Choice To LIVE!May her journey with “Jacob” alert readers to take the necessary legal—and spiritual—measures to ensure that every love story—and every life—has a happy ending.

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LUCY KAREN CLAY, a graduate of Baylor University, is the founder and owner of Expressways To Learning—TN™, dedicated to educating children and adults who learn differently. She also founded The Simplicity Project Wellness Initiative for the purpose of raising awareness and providing education and advocacy for those facing end-of-life decisions. Lucy is the author of Charlotte Lives! Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow from which this true story was taken, updated, and revised, and Simplicity: Stories of His Love, under the pseudonym Simplicity Moore. She is available for speaking engagements related to education, wellness and pro-life initiatives. You may write to her at: P.O. Box 150752, Nashville, TN 37215. For more information about these issues and for paintings, note cards and gifts, please visit

Formerly East Coast Acquisitions Editor for Zondervan Publishing House, Anne Severance is currently a freelance writer, editor, and consultant. She has worked with numerous other publishers, including Ballentine Books, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Bethany House Publishers, Harvest House, and Chosen Books of Baker Book House. Her author list includes Chris Mitchell- News Bureau Chief with CBN News & Middle East Bureau Chief on the front lines of Israel’s history from Jerusalem; Calvin Miller; Don Finto of Caleb Company, and award-winning novelist Beverly Lewis, with a career total of nearly 400 books over the past 48 years. Through the books she has written and edited and the prayer she has sown into many ministries, she desires to touch the nations for the glory of God!

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Sometimes it is the most gentle voice—one that trembles with deep anguish and loss—
that sounds the greatest alarm. Lucy Karen Clay shares a powerful story of a love
that becomes the casualty of a frightening culture shift.
~ Peter W. Rosenberger, author, Hope for the Caregiver

A remarkable, heartwarming, heartbreaking story that highlights the moral and ethical
Challenges associated with end-of-life care. ~ The Rev. Sam Clarke
Former Director, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum Jerusalem, Israel. 
Author, The Holy One of Israel and His Chosen People

Read this book to discover the unforgettable love of a man for a woman—a man who chose to live life to the fullest to his final breath. ~Terri Lynn Weaver, State Representative, TN

By Lucy
From my diary: “Pearls of Grace ~ For the Path”
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