Give. Pray. Hope. VOTE! Meet Allison Pearson

Master of Ceremonies from STEP INTO THE RIVER!

For the next few days, TSP will highlight artists, authors, caterers & volunteers who generously served our community three years ago during this significant & special event in Nashville, TN. Each has a heart for Israel and the US! If you feel led to pray for and or support any of them now, please see links provided for more information. Thank you!
Give. Pray. Hope. VOTE! 🙏🇺🇸🙏
Do you know anyone in need of healing?
Dealing with grief?
Financial stress?
Struggling in a relationship or marriage?

If so,

Letters from Jesus

may be just the answer! Meet:

 Allison Pearson 

Allison Pearson head shot

After facing the personal tragedy of losing a loved one to terminal illness, Allison Pearson began her quest to seek God for answers. She quickly learned that her confession of faith as a Christian most of her life had been nothing more than a “title” than it had been an actual relationship with God. Revelation after revelation revealed to her the love of God and opened the eyes of her understanding to her new identity in the finished work of Jesus Christ and all that His blood has atoned for. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and God’s perfect will for healing, Allison created  “A Letter From Jesus On Healing.” This powerful message proclaims the finished work of Christ and how it applies not only to healing for your mind and body, but how it applies to all areas of your life. Passionate about healing for the saints, Allison has made this life transforming message available as  a scrolled letter, a  dramatized audio CD which brings to life the written message, as well as a beautiful and unique healing gift set on her Letters From Jesus website.

Letters from Jesus

Letters from Jesus Gift Set

Authors & Artists Stepped into the River & Cherished LIFE!

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  1. Lucy

    “Letters from Jesus” makes a beautiful and timely gift for any occasion, especially during this season when loved ones are separated.

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