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Charlotte Lives! is now Live on Amazon Kindle Edition


Hundreds of Evening Sunset Drives ~ Marvelous Memories

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Photograph credit – Terri Batts Van Slyke

Beautiful & Amazing Photo Collection
Beautiful & Amazing Photo Collection


…………During those spells, I spent time with my friends and family, worked at my own business, and exercised.  It was challenging for me, to say the least, trying to trust God with Jacob and not panicking, especially when some episodes lasted several days in a row.  However, I remembered hearing a Ruth Bell Graham interview before she died.  When asked how she handled Billy Graham being gone so much of the time, her response was,

“I would rather have a little bit of Billy

than a whole lot of anybody else!”

 I could relate! So, for the next few years, we treasured every moment and opportunity we were given to be together.  Every sunrise and sunset, every meal together, every opportunity to drive out into the country and see the spring flowers, special drives to see the fall leaves or Christmas lights was more than just an experience.  They were all encounters with the Living God enjoyed with the one person in the world He created for us to share them with.  Jacob and I loved to listen to worship music together, be silent, or spend time laughing and talking. It never, ever mattered.  There was such a flow to our relationship.   We argued and disagreed very little, but when we did argue or disagree, it was a big deal! I appreciated how seriously he took my feelings whether they were valid or not.    “The making up part is always the best!” he used to say.   He had an off-beat sense of humor, and we laughed all of the time.   It is nice when someone “gets you.”

Clay, Chapter 3,  page 37   Charlotte Lives! 


Charlotte Lives! By Lucy Karen Clay

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Lucy, I have finished reading Charlotte Lives! .  It is an extraordinary work of love, written with boldness, transparency, passion and uncompromising honesty. The book is both a deeply private journal and an expose’ of some very ugly conditions and wrong motives in the fringe health care industry. It is liberally sprinkled with beautiful artwork, provocative sidebars and gold nuggets of spiritual wisdom.

As a writer myself, I applaud you for this journalistic achievement and powerful testimony. My wife and I are seventy and may be facing issues with hospice care in the near future. The information you’ve provided will be a constant source of reference to us; as we will also share it with friends and loved ones.”

Eternal Shalom, in Yeshua,
– Bob McGuire


Rachel Rivers
Charlotte Lives! 

By Lucy Karen Clay ~ As Told By Rachel Rivers




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