Charlotte LIVED!

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Charlotte LIVED! 

 This  note arrived the day of our book signing…

“I have been reading about Jack Weil online. My Lucy! He was quite a wonderful man. What a legacy! I am so sorry for your loss but it’s hard to find someone who loves unconditionally and you were blessed to have had that and I know he was blessed to have had you…” – TRH

 Many have asked, “Who is Charlotte?”

  About half way through the book, you will discover where this name comes from. In a way, she is symbolic of me. The truth is that there was a time I did not think I would live through this unbelievable set of circumstances. The reality is that Charlotte represents the Bride of Christ. It is through His strength and love that we might all LIVE until we meet Him, our Lord, face to face.

How could this possibly have occurred in Nashville, TN?

 Since this happened in Nashville in 2012, the Washington Post has committed to a year long expose uncovering Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare. Four of those articles are listed in LINKS below:

    Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow. . .

The book signing event at Logos Bookstore in Nashville, TN was tremendous.   Many thanks to  owners of Logos, Cindy and Ken Najar along with Ralph White.   I continue to hear nothing but positive feedback from our Q & A time which did not take place until later that afternoon because of so much activity!  The sunshine burst through the windows just before our discussion began.  Gracie Rosenberger  blessed us beyond belief when she sang a few hymns.  During the dialogue I learned that Corrie ten Boom led Gracie to the Lord when she was a little girl.  Peter and Gracie Rosenberger have a powerful testimony. Our discussion related to caregiving and end of life issues was informative and thought-provoking.  After 72 + surgeries, Gracie gave us her first hand experience of what is now taking place through hospice, etc.  –shocking.  Requests were made to schedule a workshop for continued discussion sometime in the near future.  If you are interested, please let me know and I will keep you posted on the details.

Thank you once again to our sponsors who provided delicious food from early morning until we left the bookstore at 10  p.m. that evening!

Miss Daisy King, Panera Bread, Whole Foods and Taziki’s

Proceeds from books, note cards and gifts related to The Simplicity Project go to:

If you wish to make a year-end purchase before Dec. 31st  2014, our goal is to continue awareness in Nashville, TN.  The first National Conference on Stealth Euthanasia in the United States took place in May of 2014.  You can read more under Events on our Resource Page.

Knowledge IS Power through Advocacy and Awareness.

 Charlotte Lives!   is now available at  Logos Bookstore in Nashville, TN.

Our first shipment sold out! A few signed copies from the second delivery are at Logos. If you would like a copy held for you, call   (615) 297-5388.

Otherwise,  click here for Amazon link:

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If one life can be saved or at least death not hastened, then The Simplicity Project will have fulfilled its mission. 

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