Latest Reviews from “Charlotte Lives!”

Reviews from “Charlotte Lives!

Pic of Jack and Lucy at the cafe to edit frame for TSPBy Anne Keenan Higgins-Illustration & Lucy Karen Clay

  • “Reading your amazing book.  Such a blessing.”   (female, late 60’s)
  • “This love story is one of the most moving ever and on a depth that few experience in a lifetime.”  (female, mid ’80’s)
  • “Just when I begin to feel sadness, suddenly I see the humor you guys shared and begin laughing out loud.  It was two in the morning and my husband woke up and told me that I might want to put it down because 6 A.M. was right around the corner for me to take my children to school!”   (female, early 50’s)
  • “I am about 1/2 way through your amazing love story & feel totally moved to tears and such compassion.  I am blown away by the love the two of you shared for one another and for our Lord.  Your book is mesmerizing, I can’t put it down.  Thank you for sharing your heart and your knowledge. I have learned so much and feel blessed by your words.”   (female, early 70’s)
  • “Lucy, I read your book and thought it was so interesting and could not put it down.”   (male, apx, 80 yrs old)
  • “Hi Lucy, I’ve been enjoying your book. Reading your book is somewhat of a humbling experience for me.  It is bringing me to tears as there are many similarities to what is going on with my own son. I do not recognize his spirit…personality, right now. I wonder if that is how God feels when He is trying to help His people yet we keep turning away from him.  Pride takes over.”   (male, apx. 52 years old)
  • “You did a fabulous job of bringing us awareness and wanting more of JESUS!! Thank you for the Christmas Gift.”  (couple who read Charlotte Lives!   together , late 50’s)
  • “Just finished your book!  I read the whole thing today!  Couldn’t put it down! I don’t think I have done that in years…read a book cover to cover in one sitting.  Very well written, Lucy. ”   (single, working mother)
  • “This story is gripping….a page turner.  It is full of beautiful and tender love all behind the cover of this      extraordinary painting.”   (male, mid 50’s)
  • “I so loved the honesty of the story.”
  • “It was the darkest season of my life, truly, the darkest. Then I saw you two with your arms intertwined and the glow of your faces.  It gave me hope for better days.”
  • “It was so stabilizing. You brought so much peace, love and warmth to that establishment. You and Jack represented the innocence and decency that is quickly departing our culture.”
  • “I was engrossed in the book….. could not put it down.   Just seeing you and Jack together was so very beautiful…. so beautiful.”
  • “I love, love love the love story.” (female, mid 60’s)
  • “Lucy,  I read you book and was touched by all you went through together. It was a great love story. I had no idea all this was going on. Jack was a great man. I wish I could have met him but through reading your story  both he and you are an inspiration of how and why we live. Thanks for writing it.  You did the right thing and you delivered it well. ”  (single , male mid 50’s)


Updated August, 2015

Simplicity Moore

Charlotte Lives! Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

By Lucy Karen Clay ~ As Told By Rachel Rivers


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